Operation Smile’s Website

We are part of the team who build Operation Smile’s Swedish website, contributing our expertise in front-end web development.

Year: 2018–present

We created the front-end of Operation Smile’s Swedish website. It’s a large and complex website, with editorial content, ecommerce, seasonal campaigns and more. This is an ongoing project that is currently in its fourth year.

See it in action

The Tech Stuff

The full project is about 8,000 lines of CSS, neatly structured with the BEM method. The form validation is made by extending the browsers’ native HTML5 form validation.

The Team

KWDConcept and Project Management
Jens JohnssonWeb Design
KlandestinoBack-end Development, Systems Integrations
Tula StudioFront-end Development
The start page.
The start page of Operation Smile’s Swedish website.
Donation form.
The form to donate monthly.
Card customization user interface.
Customize a card for the person on whose behalf you donate.