QLED Dog Karaoke

We developed a karaoke app for dogs to bring Dog Karaoke to Samsung QLED TVs.

Agency: Wenderfalck
Year: 2019

Samsung makes TVs for the whole family, even its furry four-pawed members. Three songs were specially composed to engage man’s best friend, using sounds and instruments that inspire them to howl like they would with their pack in nature.

We were tasked by communications agency Wenderfalck to develop the karaoke app that would allow customers and their dogs to take part of this brilliant campaign. The app is available for free on all Samsung QLED TVs.

The Tech Stuff

Dog Karaoke is a Tizen OS web application. The interface was created with React using TypeScript. Input is handled with the remote control interface. Video playback uses Samsung’s native AVPlay video player API.

A trailer describing the project.
Dog Karaoke contains many bright visuals created to stimulate our four-pawed friends.
The main menu of the karaoke app.
The app in action.