Web Developer

Are you a skilled web developer with a focus on front-end and a few years of experience? Then let’s talk!

Tula Studio is a digital agency and consultancy in Malmö, Sweden. We enjoy our work and strive to be the best choice for our clients. We offer a welcoming, honest and encouraging environment. The office is located at Helio co-working space in central Malmö.

We handle a diverse set of projects at the same time, which keeps things interesting. We ship something almost every week. About a third of our projects are greenfield, where we choose our own tech stack. Our clients trust us to make the right choices, and the final technical decisions are usually up to us.

What we need

You are an open-minded, enthusiastic person with a strong ability to learn along the way and good communication skills.

You have deep knowledge of the fundamental web technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and the DOM. You have some experience working with a modern web development workflow using a command line, version control, package manager, build tools and automated deployment processes. Basic knowledge of PHP and WordPress is a plus, because we use WordPress as the content management system in a lot of projects. However, it’s more important that you are a positive and curious person than checking off a specific set of skills.

About Tula Studio

Tula Studio is a digital agency in lovely Malmö, Sweden. We are currently three people but growing quickly. The clients range from large international corporations to smaller local companies. Check out some of our projects.